"Faces are for wannabes. I'm not a surrogate human."
Black Box, (Service Number - BBX-8995-1) often referred as BB, was a "Smart" AI constructed by the Office of Naval Intelligence to accompany Captain Serin Osman, an ex-Spartan, on her mission to plant the seeds of disruption in the Sangheili population after the Great Schism. His donor was Doctor Graham J. Alban, a neurosurgeon and psychologist working for the SPARTAN-II Program thought his actions were much more justifiable than that of Doctor Catherine Halsey, as he believed her to show no signs of morality, as did most of the population of Earth. Later in life, when it was obvious that no-one would decide to put him on trial, he was his own judge and executioner, killing himself in a manner which preserved his brain. At his request, his brain was taken by ONI and incorporated into the 4th generation Smart AI program made only to support the SPARTAN-II's.


Unlike the majority of AI's, consisting of both Smart and Dumb, Black Box felt there was little to no point in disusing himself with a human avatar. He thought of himself as complete 'pure intellect' chosen to be seen as a featureless box, mostly.

As with his brethren, BB was tasked with running all operations of UNSC Port Stanley. With superior intelligence, BB was able to control the entire ship without the need of any Human interaction, although he considered it 'a miserable and lonely existence' compared to if he was working with a living and breathing crew.