General information

First Seen

Alpha Halo2552


Oversee functions on their Halo Installation==Armament information==

Primary Weapon

Monitor Laser Weapon

Secondary Weapon

Small Beam for unlocking doors and repairing systems.

Weaponry Strength


Other Abilities

Use teleportation grid, Access Installation database, Command Sentinels, Influence computer systems.


Extremely strong casing, advanced energy shield capable of repelling all conventional weaponry.


Monitors are highly advanced Artificial Intelligence constructs created by the Forerunners over one hundred thousand years ago to occupy special positions in Forerunner society. One of the main purposes of a Monitor was to be the caretakers of the Halo Array as well as other installations (such as the maintenance of Line Instillations) to ensure the Flood remain imprisoned. Monitors are extremely intelligent, yet completely devoted to their original function, and are zealous about containing Flood; Monitors have been known to violently turn on their allies if they should attempt to violate their containment protocols. 

The Covenant refer to the Monitors as Oracles. Individual humans appear to use whatever names they deem appropriate; Sergeant-Major Avery Johnson has referred to the Monitor 343 Guilty Spark as 'light bulb' "Tinker Bell," and "robot," and both John-117 and Johnson simply shortened his name to 'Spark'